The University of Arizona

Mary Weber, MPH, MS

Ms. Weber was a career officer with the US Public Health Service (USPHS), Indian Health Service (IHS) for 22 years prior to her retirement. She served as Environmental Engineer Consultant and Environmental Health Specialist at Fort Defiance, Sells, and Casa Grande, AZ and Ukiah, CA duty stations. Her responsibilities included: design and project management of IHS water, wastewater, and solid waste facility construction projects; management of an operation and maintenance program that served 103 California Tribes; and, environmental health and safety compliance inspections.

She currently serves as Senior Researcher responsible for curriculum development and project support. She provides advice to Center personnel on issues related to: water and wastewater engineering; infrastructure evaluation, protection, and operation/maintenance; environmental health including hazardous materials, food safety, and facility inspection; and, project planning, development, and management. Her recent projects for MWPERLC include production of Just-In-Time-Trainings, updating the Center's existing introductory online training modules, exercise development, marketing of courses and projects, and redesign of the Center's website.