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Of course coordination or collaboration would be impossible without effective communication. Effective communication requires a set of abilities that  include reading, listening, observing, and an often neglected skill, remembering. During many interactions between organizations, the failure to speak is less critical than the failure to listen and remember what was said. 

Communication Across Our Region

MWPERLC strives to improve communication by keeping our partners abreast of news, announcements, and trainings that can enhance their  understanding of current changes in policies and practice. This is accomplished through our monthly list serve that provides information on a variety of topics of interest to the emergency management community. You can sign up for the list serve through the link on our home page or by clicking here.

We are also in the process of  developing a directory with the contact information of all our  regional partners to make interagency communication more seamless. Be looking for the directory early next year.

Communication Resources:

The MWPERLC has strived to actively “listen” to what our partners need to do their jobs more effectively while addressing knowledge and cultural gaps that impede true collaboration. In an attempt to fill needs identified by our partners, we have developed a Strategies document that provides advice for working more effectively with tribal communities. We will continue to actively engage our partners to enhance understanding and improve relationships across jurisdictions and cultures.


Strategies for Effectively Working with American Indian and Alaskan Native (AI/AN) Communities


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