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Free On-line Tier I & Tier II Public Health Courses

The MWPERLC provides free online Public Health Emergency Preparedness curriculum, available in discipline-specific tracks. Tier I curriculum is designed for professionals new to the field. The materials are delivered through online modules, case studies, and seminar videos aims to identify and describe the role of public health in emergency prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. Tier II curriculum is designed for midlevel public health professions with higher degrees and/or more years of experience. These courses are designed to integrate experiential learning that guides the learner through scenarios requiring problem solving and application of public health principles. For additional public health workforce training opportunities, visit the University of Arizona's Western Regional Public Health Training Center at

On-line Tier I Courses include:
On-line Tier II Courses include:

In-person Trainings:

In addition to our on-line training courses, MWPERLC actively involved in providing face-to-face training for our preparedness partners. Some of the topics covered during those workshops have included Forensic Epidemiology, POD training, ICS for tribal governments, and root cause analysis. Additionally, the MWPERLC remains actively involved in numerous exercises ranging from tabletops to full-scale regional events.