The University of Arizona

Community Mitigation Maps

How did we create these maps? Members of the MWPERLC team used Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to interview emergency preparedness subject matter experts (SMEs) who represented a wide breadth of geography, jurisdictions, and expertise. The Community Mitigation Maps (CMM) show the results of their responses. View the Method page for more information about how these maps where constructed.


Community Mitigation Map - provides a visual representation of the interrelationships between the root causes and the antecedent conditions (issues and barriers) on the reasons why many communities do not engage in mitigation strategies to lessen the impact of disasters as identified by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in emergency preparedness.


Community Mitigation Map Themes - from the CMM (above), four major themes where derived: Perception of Vulnerability, Lack of All Hazards Planning, Sharing Hospital Personnel, and Patient Care Costs. Four maps where developed to focus on each theme: